Brand Strategy & Design

The brand was in need of a visual refresh and substantial strategic repositioning. After a exhaustive competitive & category audit, the initial design strategy work was developed using archetype framework. Having a singular framework allows the marketing, brand & design teams to quickly iterate and align to a unified branding strategy.

After the bottle label design was finalized, evergreen photography and beauty bottle renders were developed for the brand guidelines. All the completed assets were then used in the a website refresh for

Using the archetype framework allowed the new brand characteristics & brand to be differentiated from other competitor brands while giving flexibility in the design exploration.

Initial Design Explore
Final Moodboard
Snapshot of Brand Guideline
KeVita Portfolio

KeVita Bottle Renders

The 16oz glass bottle was modeled & rendered using Blender 3D as a proof-of-concept.  The final master was created by KeyShot Studios and was then rendered in-house.

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