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typography addict, aspiring woodworker, geek, taker-aparter, twirler of the mustache, weekend programmer, world traveler, frisbee nut, listener of podcasts…designer

As a recent graduate in Visual Communication from Northern Illinois University, my love for typography & design are lenses through which I endeavor to filter my life. Thanks to my German heritage (and even more from my parents’ upbringing), I have learned the intrinsic value of hard work. This instilled work ethic allowed me to graduate from Northern and then treat myself to five weeks of backpacking throughout Europe completely debt free. Experiencing design and art from a Europe perspective was eye-opening and helped me realize how visual communication can transcend borders, languages, and cultues. For the past three years, while I studied at NIU, I have worked at Apple, first as a sales specialist, then as a member on the store’s visual team, and currently as a mentor for both new and current employee development. During my time at NIU, I also interned at Rule29 Creative, a design firm in Geneva, Illinois. The designers at Rule 29 were truly amazing and helped me mature and grow as a designer. I’m not sure where my next chapter in life lies, but I’m excited for the challenges!

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