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Restart is a fun and portable rehabilitation kit for people who want to improve their fine motor skills through art. It’s not meant as a replacement for occupational or physical therapy, but as supplemental learning material.
I have a good friend, Greg, who is an paraplegic and amazing individual. When we hangout, we end up watching TV, playing cards, or hanging out in the billiards room. That got me thinking, what can I create that would be a fun activity we could do together, but would help be beneficial for him.

Each Restart Rehabilitation Kit comes with three books featuring different means of improving fine motor skills: Folding & Origami, Lettering & Writing, and Sculpture & Molding. The books are double wire-o bound which let them lay completely flat.

The Restart Rehabilitation Carrying Case was designed to fit three booklets, origami folding paper, three lettering pens, and kinetic molding sand in an all-inclusive portable case. The frame was laser-cut and folded out of 6mm archival board, which combines lightweight packaging with structural integrity. The exterior canvas wrap holds the materials and booklets in place when closed and is effortlessly and securely fastened using rare earth magnets.